Welcome to Gonkytown!

Above the K some game plans are forged. In the O a new video is in the making, and from the broken finger a record was just released. Cheers from the pub to a good and funky future.

In JOL‘s music video Himari a multitude of emotions intertwine. Something frightening and provocative underlies the visuals of a young woman in a dreamy adventure. Also available on spotify.


Story of Himari:

The first idea for the song came after a visit to Japan in 2014. “We saw many new places and sides of Japan and was inspired and moved from everything between anime culture to the Hiroshima peace memorial museum.” It would take until 2021 before this idea turned into a final song and music video. While the work is not telling about any real world scenarios it captures real emotions like fragility, fear and love. The video is created by JOL and character designer, ERI. Title calligraphy by Mie Shiono.